Manic Depression Records Paris, France

Independant Label, Live promoter and Mailorder .

Genres: Post Punk, Cold Wave, New Wave, Indie and related….


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Track Name: Gitane Demone "Don't Look For Comfort Now"
Gitane Demone
Track Name: Nova Et Vetera "I Don't Exist"
Mr Lamort
Track Name: The Cemetary Girlz "Dracula"
Yoav Aknin
Track Name: Breathing of Bones "Ascesis"
Vadom Barsov
Track Name: Avant Garde "Epoque"
Alessio Schiavi
Track Name: BA13 "Zomba 13"
Natasha Berger
Track Name: Joy Disaster "Paranoïa"
Nicolas Rohr
Track Name: Wallenberg "Feast For The Vultures"
Hervé Costuas
Track Name: Noctule Sorix "Monkey Buisness"
Stephane Zochowski
Track Name: Drama of the Spheres "D2s2p7a"
Lyrics: Jerôme Schneider
Track Name: Fear Incorporated "Dying To Get Out"
William Westwater
Track Name: Date At Midnight "No Love"
Pasquale Vico
Track Name: Joy Disaster "Miss Trust"
Nicolas Rohr
Track Name: Crimson Muddle "Basura"
Flora Gousset, Karin Gousset, Marietta Fox, Laurent Gosselin
Track Name: Agent Side Grinder "the Screams" (Live)
Alexander Blomqvist, Peter Fristedt, Kristoffer Grip, Henrik Sunbring, Johan Lange

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